Happiness in quarantine?


Happened something unexpected, many stay locked up at home, many in softer conditions. Here we still can go out, of course, taking care of ourselves, wearing masks, keeping social distance, but however we look at it -  we have more time for things what we love to do. Good for those with hobbies... hobbies, not requiring going out. Knitting, crochet... why not to make few crochet toys?! I know, there are more things to do while you are closed at home, but this is what I choose. Had chance to stay at home for a week, was I bored? Unhappy? Frustrated? He! Of course not, decided to take the new project. Found pattern in amigurumi.today, and tried to make those beautiful crochet toys.

Crochet toys bring  happiness to me, and the process, and the final result. Hard to say why and at the same time there many reasons why. It relaxes, kind of meditation, stress goes away as you focus on little parts, you think on choice of colors, materials, thinking on how it will look as final result - beautiful crochet toys, beautiful giraffes. Time fly when you do something you love, sleep goes away, bad thoughts go away, you focus on beauty, make stories, fairy tales, let yourself to disconnect and think positive. Only positive, no minuses in this process.

Let's stay safe, patient, positive and let's make few crochet toys, they will bring happiness not only to kids, but to you as well!