We all have stories to tell, experiences to share about hobbies. How it started, why it started, what do we want to learn, where and how do we want to arrive and what to achieve. All stories are unique and interesting.

   Story of Lietusita started years ago, when I was little girl who had to make her homework for household classes, it was all about crochet. My aunt showed me crochet, mother showed knitting. I still have my first crochet hook, after 30+ years.  And crochet voyage started... first - table cloth, then collars to decorate my brown school uniform, then sweaters... Of course it started because of necessity, had to do that, if I wanted to have collar different than others', the same applied for the rest of my "works", so it was hard to call it hobby, although i enjoyed the process and it was pretty satisfying to hear compliment of job well done or others asking to share patterns, but if I wanted to have - I had to make it myself. 

   30+ years this knowledge, ability or hobby (depend on how we want to call it) was forgotten. Until recently. Saw some beautiful amigurumi toys and decided to try myself. Then... one work after another: crochet toys, knitted shawls, knitted scarfs, crochet boxes, handmade dolls, cloths for dolls, handmade handbags, boxes... Started creating patterns. 

   So... after long break crochet hook and knitting needles got second life. Saw that knitted shawl, knitted scarf or wrap is great hand made gift, appreciated by many. Triangular knitted shawl can be used as sweater, will cover your back, keeps you warm, is light  and elegant. Just choose your rectangular knitted shawl: it is perfect fit and for evening dress, and goes well with jeans, is long - you will find many ways to wear it. Knitted scarf - nice accessory, is never too much: have to have different colors, sizes, patterns. Whatever you will choose, will it be knitted shawl, knitted scarf - this handmade gift will make your friend, mother, sister, daughter, wife, neighbor happy

Now I create crochet toys, I still try other designers' patterns, waiting and looking for inspiration. Each creation is made with love, each of them is favorite and the most loved. I am happy to share ideas and happiness. 

Let's enjoy crochet toys, amigurumi, let's cover shoulders with triangular knitted shawl, let's decorate dress with knitted shawl, let's make nice handmade gifts