Finishing unfinished ones


     I believe it will be correct to talk about inspiration. I like talking about inspiration. Why? Perhaps because normally I have not been thinking about it, started just recently, when crochet voyage began. It started with big wish to crochet toys, and then suddenly that wish went away, for couple of days :) And then repeat, I want to crochet, and suddenly I cannot even lift the hook, surround myself with beautiful yarns, buying more, getting the most comfortable hooks, but no, I cannot do anything, sometimes just sit in front of TV just doing nothing, just watching TV. Hahaha, it is boring :) But anyway, no new ideas, no crochet toys coming from the hook. And other times... ideas are flowing faster than I can crochet. That is inspiration what I am waiting for. 

     This time I had an idea to crochet ox, all next year is dedicated to him, I started with one, and then wanted to make 3 more. It is mushroom season, so also wanted to crochet mushroom, started with one, continued with 3, running out of bunnies, wanted to make one more, then scarf with pockets, then another summer dress (in autumn not good idea, but when you want, you want). 

     All at once, starting and dropping to the box, started another one - also to the box. That is for inspiration not to go away :) 

     And yesterday was the day - finishing up, decorating, adding the last stitches. Never had such big number of finished works in one day... 3 crochet ox, 3 crochet mushrooms, 1 blue crochet bunny, 1 crochet scarf with pockets. So productive day. Few weeks of preparation and one day to finish them. 

     That was one lucky day, full of inspiration and happiness. Hope will have some more of days like this, so I could finish some more toys which landed in the box and are waiting for their time...

     Inspiration... I need you today, don't leave me alone!! I want more crochet toys!