e-book About knitting, differently


So much of different information we can find in internet! About everything: history of everything and nothing, stories of everything and everyone. We can find even much of personal information about ourselves 😊 We have just to choose what to read, not everything what we find is truth, but we are smart, we filter information. Whatever interests we have - we can find much of data about them. Isn't it interesting to learn the story about daily things what we use? For me it is. One morning, I read about fascinating knitting event, and started searching and reading more. As I do crochet toys, knitted shawls, knitted scarfs, crochet bags, I started my research on them. Got very curious about knitting and crochet, how it started, what is the reason and history behind this hobby. Found some curious articles, researches, some curious stories and putted them into my first e-book. I believe it will be interesting not only to passionate knitters and crocheters, but also to those who do not share this hobby.

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