Handmade gifts for You and Your kids

Aren't You feeling fresh even on sunny winter days, or fresh midsummer evening, aren't You looking around for something pretty, soft, warm, beautiful, original to cover Your back?

Doesn't happen that invitation to birthday, house warming party, baby shower came too late and You do not have wish and time to run to the stores looking for the special gift?

We can help in all of those cases. Handmade gifts - whatever it is, shawl, wrap, scarf, amigurumi, crochet toys, decorative doll,crochet box for small pretty things or elegant either casual crochet bag - will make happy anyone. Any of them - special, different, original detail. There are no two the same, and will not be, so show to Your loved ones how special they are, choose for them original, one of a kind handmade gift.

Handmade gifts for kids: crochet toys, amigurumi, dolls, toys for babies, eco toys. Lietusita.eu toys made happy many kids and their mothers, their impressions and experiences inspired for new toys. Each child is different, so they prefer different toys, is needed to know animals they like, which colors makes them happy, activities they enjoy, and we will help you to choose the right friend for them: can help to select, to match colors, or maybe will make toy just for You.

Crochet toys will help Your baby to sleep, will play and comfort when needed, will be the best friend. Crochet decorative doll will refresh and decorate interior, will become Your child's best friend and trustee. Also, shall not be forgotten that toys can be educative: combining clothes, colors will help imagination, will learn to wear hats, scarfs, to tie shoelaces.